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Sunday, February 19, 2012

‘It Started with a Kiss’ Begins this Monday on GMA-7

‘It Started with a Kiss’ Begins this Monday on GMA-7

The Taiwanese drama series “It Started with a Kiss” starring model, actor and singer Joe Cheng and singer-actress Ariel Lin, will air beginning this Monday, February 20, in GMA-7’s Afternoon Prime block.

Based on the Japanese animated (mangga) TV series “Itazura na Kiss,” “It Started with a Kiss” tells a story about two teens several IQ’s apart. Joe Cheng plays the role of Joseph, an introverted student who is the most intelligent one in class, while Airel Lin plays Arianne, his exact opposite: intellectually-challenged but uber-social.

Arianne meets Joseph for the first time in their batch’s orientation and immediately, she falls in love with him. Unfortunately for her, Joseph is not only turned off by her low IQ, he also thinks that she is the most stupid girl in class. But Arianne is not one who easily gives up. She tries her best to meet Joseph’s standards, hoping it would capture his attention.

Good thing for Arianne, fate seems to be on her side. An earthquake levels Arianne’s home and so she was forced to live in the same house as Joseph’s. It turns out that Joseph and Arianne’s dads are high school friends. Joseph’s parents are in Arianne’s favor and even exert extra effort in coaching her in her studies so she could win Joseph’s heart.

Find out how Joseph and Arianne’s love story unfolds in It Started with a Kiss, beginning this Monday, February 20, after Broken Vow on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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