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Friday, February 24, 2012

[innisfree] NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder

[innisfree] is one of those brands I almost never buy probably because their packagings aren't as cute as from some other Korean brands (and I like cute stuff). 
They remind me a bit of [SKINFOOD] and [THE BODY SHOP] because they also use only environment-friendly botanical nutrients and essence extracted from organic plants and herbs that aid in healing various skin problems. As you know I'm always complaining about products and their oil control but I found this one product from [innisfree] which helps me reducing the shine a lot: NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder.

It is free of Paraben, Artificial Fragrance, Animal Ingredients, Artificial Colors, Mineral Oil and Talc.

You also can get it as Powder Pact and Primer!

Description: It is a sebum powder essence that absorbs dead skin cells and sebum with vegetable powder from natural origin. Also provides silky smooth textures and protects the skin.
The loose powder comes in a small round plastic container which is mint green and contains 5g. My one is from 2011 and looks different from the older version - they changed the packaging design.
The powder contains Jeju natural mineral and natural originated mint!
A super soft powder puff is included, too. 
Inside the container is a plastic lid with some holes (like a sieve). Under that lid is the loose powder. You have to shake it a bit to get the powder on the sponge.
The powder itself is white, therefore make sure that you spread it over your face well or you might look like a ghost. It is also slightly scented! It smells like herbs and mint but you just smell it when you hold it close to your nose.
I use this Mineral Powder as the last step of my make-up routine and I can say that my skin looks less shiny than without. I tried it out the last two (2) days for always 9 hours and my skin looked better but, of course, it didn't make my skin 100% oil/ shine free. My face felt very smooth right after applying, too! I liked that!!

Price: around 9,50,- €/ US$12.50   
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)    

What I love:    
My face looks less oily than without the powder + it made my skin soft.

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I dislike yet.  

Will I buy this again? Probably or try out the other ones (Powder Pact, Primer).

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