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Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Holika Holika] Baby Bloom Light BB Cream

After I tried out different liquid make-ups and BB Creams I came to the decision that I will probably never get the perfect one for my oily and sometimes dry skin. I tried out different products for oily/ trouble skin but they never help my skin staying shine free for a very long time.
Nevertheless, there are still some BB Creams I like to use and one of these is the Baby Bloom Light BB Cream. This Light BB from [Holika Holika] is for combination/ oily skin and it's also available for people with dry skin.

Description: Gorgeous baby skin with mist veil effect! Veil powder makes clean and gorgeous baby skin.
Moistful inner skin! Fresh outer skin!
Milk protein complex makes inner skin moist and convenient, and makeup-keeping polymer maintains outer skin fresh.
I love the design of the Baby Bloom BB Cream. The 50ml content are in a flat tube which is pearl pink/ silver colored. It looks really cute for me!
The tube has a simple white twist-off lid, so you have to squeeze out the BB Cream.
The consistency of the Light BB Cream is creamy. It's neither too thick nor too watery and I have no problems to spread it over my face.
It just comes in one shade which is a light to medium beige with a hint of gray and a medium coverage. The color is not 100% perfect for my skin but it's still ok. 
It is light scented - a bit like soft baby powder!
As I said I like this BB Cream even though my skin starts to get oily/ shiny after just 3~4 hours again. Maybe I'm just using too much of these products. After wearing it yesterday for approx. 9 hours I can say that it didn't give me breakouts yet.

Price: around 11,50,- €/ US$15 
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)    

What I love:    
The scent, the color and it didn't give me breakouts after wearing it for a long time.

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I dislike yet, except for the oil control but that's the same for every BB Cream I tried. 

Will I buy this again? Will decide that later!

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