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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fukushima Pets Rescued from Drying (Video)

Fukushima Pets Rescued from Drying (Video)

Hundreds of dogs and cats abandoned by owners in the Fukushima exclusion zone after last year's nuclear crisis caused by 9.0-magnitude earthquake have survived high radiation and lack of food only to face freezing winter conditions.

Joining the household pets in the no-go area are some more unexpected survivors - several ostriches, thought to have escaped from a nearby ostrich farm.

The government let animal welfare groups enter the evacuation zone in December before the most severe weather set in to rescue surviving pets.

However, Yasunori Hoso, who runs an animal shelter for more than 300 dogs and cats retrieved from the zone, said there are still many more dogs and cats left in the area.

If left alone, tens of them will die everyday.

Unlike well-fed animals that can keep themselves warm with their own body fat, starving ones will just shrivel up and die."

If we cannot go in to take them out, I hope the government will at least let us go there and leave food for them."

Watch the video HERE.

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