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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feel the Kiddie-Kilig this Saturday on 'Tropang Potchi'

Feel the Kiddie-Kilig this Saturday on 'Tropang Potchi'

As the 1966 Motown hit goes, "You can't hurry love" - this is what kids will learn this week from GMA's award-winning Saturday morning kiddie program Tropang Potchi.

Julian Trono, Sabrina Man, Miggy Jimenez, Liane Valentino, Bianca Umali, Lenlen Frial and their vivacious friend Potchi experience "love" just right in time for Valentine's Day - but wait - aren't they too young to fall in love?

Bianca's cousin, Angel (portrayed by Louise delos Reyes), visits Potchi's house this Saturday. As Julian beholds Angel's beauty, he consults his "love horoscope," which he takes very seriously, looking for the three signs it says would tell him if he's finally met his one, true love. Will Julian's horoscope point the love compass toward Angel or will Julian's "puppy love" lead to a deeper understanding of love and relationships?

Meanwhile, Bianca and Julian discover the different dance forms which find their root in romance and courtship like the Lyrical Dance, Flamenco, Ballet and the folk dance Cariñosa. Discover how these dance forms creatively convey our complex emotions through different graceful steps. Also, "Sayaw Pilipinas" members Yassi and Sef Cadayona will demonstrate how dancing could be used in telling stories.

Find out how Julian's Valentine's Day ends and learn what it really means when mama says "you just have to wait."

Tropang Potchi is sponsored by Columbia International Food Products, Inc., the makers of Potchi, V-Fresh, My Juiz, Champy and So Lucky Crackers. It airs every Saturday, 9:00am on GMA-7.

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