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Thursday, March 8, 2012

"The Witness" Unleashes the Actress in Gwen Zamora

"The Witness" Unleashes the Actress in Gwen Zamora

We saw her doing fantaserye in "Enteng Kabisote" series. She , too, does fits the bill in comedy as part of the longest running comedy show "Bubble Gang" and an effective character star in "Biritera". Now, Kapuso artist Gwen Zamora is about to prove she too can act and worthy of being called an "actress" via her upcoming first international movie "The Witness" where she plays the lead.

In "The Witness", Gwen embarks to a thrilling challenge in her career as an artist - showing the local and international audiences her acting prowess.

Among the cast of the said film, Gwen is the only Filipina yet she assures the moviegoers that she did her best to be at par with her co-stars.

Gwen portrays the role of Angel Flordeliza Isagani, a General Manager of a hotel, who was transferred from Manila to the Jakarta hotel. She is haunted by strange dream about a young man, named Aris, who attempted suicide by firing his own gun into his mouth.

Who is Aris in Angel's life? What does the bizarre dreams wanted to convey?

As Angel finds the answer to the dreams that keep haunting her, don't miss "The Witness" on March 21, 2012 on theaters nationwide.

Directed by Muhammed Yusuf, produced by Skylar Pictures and released by GMA Films, "The Witness" will also be shown in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Witness- Trailer:

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