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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gwen Zamora is "The Witness"

Gwen Zamora is "The Witness"

GMA Films in partnership with Indonesian film outfit Skylar Pictures present its upcoming international thriller movie entitled, "The Witness" starring Kapuso sexy star Gwen Zamora.


Angel (Gwen Zamora), a hotel manager who have just been transferred from Manila to Jakarta, is being haunted by a weird dream about someone committing suicide.

One day, her whole family is murdered. Her parents, her only sister Safara, her maid, security, all are dead, leaving no one's alive except for her who luckily survived that tragic incident.

Haunted by what happened and the weird dream that keeps haunting her day after day, she then decided to uncover the mystery that will put her into a more horrifying situations.

Showing in theater nationwide on March 21, 2012, "The Witness" also stars Pierre Gruno, Agung Saga, Kimberly Ryder, Marcellino Lefrandt and Feby Febiola.


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