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Thursday, July 1, 2010

VictorFakes Blog Followers

To those bloggers who has sent me emails requesting for fakes, I don't do fakes, as a matter of fact I've never done one. I just enjoy the talents of this young artist who makes the fakes on the net and I select only the best photoshopped images based on realism, color, shade & proportions of the faked celebs.
I collect them by celebrity and compile a photo album for each that are featured in this blog.
If you haven't found the masters of Fakes yet, here are some of the talents that you might want to send an email to (in no particular order):
1- Levi St John - Levi82 (Specializes in Mature Men Celebs)
3- Orligay - (best proprtions of the subject and color shade matching)
4- Jon69 - (specializes in hardcore gay fuck fakes)
5- Sol - (beautiful and artistic fakes of the subjects)
6- SD
7- MyDean
8- Jade
9- Demon48180
10- Shiloh
11- Craftan
13- DAVH - (specializes in the younger and upcoming celebs)
14- LJ
15- FoodandArt - (the only female master artist that I know who creates vivid and most memorable images).

There are those master fakers whose fakes are not labelled, if you are not one of the ones I have mentioned above, I apologize in advance for I don't know how to give you deserved credits for your work.
Sorry to hear that some of these Master Artist Fakers are no longer publishing their work but nonetheless, I hope I have given them proper tribute and honor in re-publishing their artworks.
For those who need to request fakes, join the JUB website and meet the masters there, most pf them are very good and I am just getting to know the good ones whom I will be publlishing for my 2010 Best Celeb Fakes.
Thank you for the comments and following this blog.

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